Contour Collective
Lucy Kruger — Heaving
Directed by Lena Nerinckx, Music Video

❥ Silver Selection Berlin Music Video Awards

Heaving is an intimate and intense duet between Lucy and an unknown but deeply present subject, seen and felt through a set of hands.

There is both effort and inevitability in the act of heaving and in this work.

The body - both primal and performative - moves and is moved through a tender and quietly chaotic choreography. It opens its mouth and oozes. The distinction or boundary between the inside and the outside is blurred. It is both humanising and unsettling. The figure in motion, close up and dripping, becomes more landscape than limb. The video, filmed on Super 8 Reversal Film using a Canon Auto Zoom 814 camera, is beautifully stark - a visceral and compellingly uncomfortable exploration of intimacy.

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - Heaving (Official Music Video) 

Directed by Lena Nerinckx, Film

❥ Semi-Finalist Montréal Independent Film Festival
❥ Official Selection Prague International Indie Film Festival
❥ Official Selection Berlin Indie Film Festival 
❥ Honorable Mention 2022 ARFF Amsterdam//
International Awards

Sojourn tells the story of falling in and out of love with a narcissist in an unraveling performance characterized by intense movement and soft-spoken dialogue.

Oriana Ikomo - You
Directed by Lena Nerinckx, Music Video
Oriana Ikomo shares her debut single "You",
a delicately haunting vocal track written above love and self-acceptance.

Alienation, especially in these times, is something that is becoming more and more common. In the video, the dancers represent that feeling.
The alienation is in their eyes, which are extinguished. You is not a song about heartbreak. It is about the phase after the sadness and the anger. The phase where you begin to quietly regain hope that you can find the connections you once lost with others.

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Never Look At The Sun
Graphic Design

Graphic designs for visual artist Baloji who explores the phenomenon of skin bleaching in Define Beauty: Never Look At the Sun, opening up the skin bleaching debate in this visual ode to black beauty.

“Using his trademark assemblage of esoteric costume and visual metaphors, Congolese-Belgian hitmaker and filmmaker Baloji explores the practice of skin lightening in black communities. Euphemistically described as ‘brightening’ or ‘toning’, skin bleaching takes many innocuous forms—such as creams, buffs and soaps—to deal with hyperpigmentation, but is more often used by women to emulate Eurocentric beauty standards.”

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Déjà Vu
Set and Graphic Design
After a tragic event concerning her daughter, Flo travels back in time in order to correct mistakes of the past and do what's best for her children.

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